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Alex T. Ton

July 9, 2012

This is an “in-house” post by the manager of this blog.

I have been able to keep my home’s market value stable at $285,00 the past several years by going through the protest system. In 2012, HCAD jacked it up from $285,00 to $323,491. While I expected that the informal hearing would be a waste of time, I was not expecting the treatment I received. The following is an excerpt from the letter of complaint I sent to the Taxpayer Liason Officer:

On May 25,2012 at 10 AM I had an informal  meeting with appraiser Alex T. Ton. As soon as the meeting started, Ton immediately spoke first, saying “no matter what the outcome of this meeting, your tax bill won’t change this year.” I pressed for more information, and he continued to say “even if we lower your market value, you will pay the same amount in taxes this year.” I had to continue to argue with him before he then said “because the difference between your market and appraised value is less than 10%, if I reduce your market value, your taxes won’t go down.” I pressed him for more clarification, and he explained (what I already knew) that my tax bill is based on my appraised value, not the market value, so if he lowered the market value, the appraised value would not change. That of course would only be true if I were arguing for a new market value between the current market value and the current appraised value. However, as Ton already knew, I was arguing for a fair market value well below the current appraised value, so his statement did not apply. His comments demonstrated:

  1. Ton was obviously and deliberately attempting to discourage and intimidate me before I had even presented my evidence.
  2. Ton had already prejudicially decided that he was not under any circumstances going to lower my market value below my appraised value, even before he had heard any of my evidence.
  3. Ton was also wasting the short time that I had to present my evidence by giving unclear and misleading information

Ton’s tone throughout the entire interview was condescending and at times approached combativeness.

Alex T. Ton lives at:


HOUSTON TX 77082-5624

His house was valued at $242,282 in 2008, but since 2009 it has remained stable at $238,006, even as he jacks up other people’s values.

I have received confirmation that my complaint against him is being investigated, and am awaiting resolution as of July 9, 2012.

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